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Evaluations help people identify patterns and triggers in their mental health, so that they can reach out to loved ones or professionals for support.

We are curating a huge database of national and localized mental health resources such as websites, locations, programs, and more as a one stop shop for all your mental health needs.

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Join the movement to empower those struggling with their mental health. We want to hear from you and find you the perfect place on our team.

Our Mission

Unmasked Culture strives to shed light on daily struggles through multimedia platforms and facilitate a community that embodies vulnerability and authenticity. We’re here to spread the word that whatever you are going through, and whatever life circumstances you find yourself in, YOU  ARE NOT ALONE.

Since 2019

Our Story

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Unmasked Culture, founded in 2019 by Mikel Stull, emerged from his personal battle with mental health. Motivated to help others facing similar struggles, Stull’s determination intensified after the tragic loss of his adopted brother to mental health issues in March 2020.

Established as a 501c3 Nonprofit on May 26th, 2020, Unmasked Culture Foundation aims to spread awareness about mental health using diverse resources and mediums.


What Our Community Says

Hearing Mikel talk about what he has gone through I highly recommend this page. You never know what people are personally struggling with.

Mary Slovinski Mort

Really serious people about the transformation of lives.

Mike Jacob

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Unmasked Cinema

Unmasked Cinema, produced by Unmasked Culture, is a compilation of short films that portray various mental health situations. These films emphasize the significance of mental health in each individual’s unique life journey.

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