About Unmasked Culture's Mission

Bringing Light
To The Darkness

To lead people through the process of defining, addressing, and rejuvenating their mindset from their daily struggles.

Unmasked Culture strives to shed light on daily struggles through multimedia platforms and facilitate a community that embodies vulnerability and authenticity. We’re here to spread the word that whatever you are going through, and whatever life circumstances you find yourself in, YOU  ARE NOT ALONE.

Empowering Individuals

Database of National & Local Resources

We are curating a huge database of national and localized mental health resources such as websites, locations, programs, and more as a one stop shop for all your mental health needs. Never feel empty-handed when trying to help others in their mental health journey!


What our
community says

Really serious people about the transformation of lives.
Mike Jacob
Hearing Mikel talk about what he has gone through I highly recommend this page. You never know what people are personally struggling with.
Mary Slovinski Mort
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