About Unmasked Culture

we believe that community is an essential component of mental health.

Our Vision for Mental Health

A Comprehensive Approach to Addressing the Complexities of Mental Illness

At our core, we value the dignity of every person, their unique experiences and challenges. We recognize that life can be difficult but that people have an inner strength and resolve to overcome hardships in pursuit of meaning and purpose. We deeply respect each individual, seeing their inherent worth and potential to make a difference in others’ lives.  

Our vision is to ensure all have access to the help and resources they need to cope with struggles. By raising awareness of mental health issues, we aim to remove stigma and  provide support for those in need. Our hope goes beyond helping those who suffer; we also aspire to give others an authentic view of what millions endure each day. This deeper understanding can foster compassion, connection and community.

Meet the Unmasked Culture Team

The Unmasked Culture team comes from diverse backgrounds yet shares a common purpose – to support those dealing with mental health issues. Though we have different stories, we connect through a desire to help others who need it.

We aim to be transparent and honest

Click the image below to learn more about our dedication to transparency as a 501c3 organization.

Equipping Individuals

Our database offers a range of mental health resources to cater to both immediate crisis situations and long-term support for your well-being journey. We believe that quality mental health resources are crucial for overall wellness, and we strive to make them as accessible as possible.

Unmasked Podcast

At Unmasked Culture, we understand that everyone’s mental health journey is unique. That’s why we’ve launched our very own podcast, Unmasked Podcast, to provide a platform for individuals to share their stories and experiences with mental health challenges.

Coming Soon →

Join the Movement

Whether you’re an individual looking to get involved or an organization seeking to make a difference, there are many ways you can support our mission.


Our organization aims to support those facing mental health challenges. We seek individuals who wish to make a meaningful impact through their talents and generosity.

Multiple opportunities exist for you to get involved , whether volunteering your time or contributing resources. Whatever your strengths, join us in our mission to provide hope and healing. We value your potential contribution. Together we can improve lives.


Our internship program equips students with opportunities to meaningfully advance our various initiatives including community outreach, event organizing, and fundraising, while building valuable skills and gaining invaluable hands-on experience in a supportive environment.

The program offers a chance to collaborate with our team and make a meaningful impact through assisting with outreach campaigns, event coordination efforts, and fundraising endeavors.

Unmasked Advocates Program

Unmasked Culture seeks dedicated individuals committed to promoting mental health awareness and positively impacting others. We invite you to join our ambassador program and utilize your platform to help raise awareness about mental health. If you share our commitment to this important cause and are devoted to making a difference, we invite you to be a part of our team.

As an ambassador, you will represent our organization by spreading crucial messages about mental health and wellbeing through your network and community, helping us advance our mission in meaningful ways. We value people who are passionate about this cause and motivated to extend our reach, and we believe your involvement can make an important difference. We hope you will consider joining us in our effort to raise vital awareness and remove the stigma around mental health issues.

Contact us with any questions regarding how you can get involved in improving mental health and wellbeing in your community.

The Benefits of Self-Evaluations

Unlocking Your Mental Health

What is the purpose of a self-evaluation?

Mental health evaluations provide valuable insights that can inform helpful discussions with others. The concrete information gleaned from evaluations provides clarity on potential issues and areas for improvement, empowering you to identify next steps that support your wellbeing.  

When you share the results of evaluations with friends, family members, or medical professionals, the tangible details can prove extremely useful. They enable you to communicate your needs effectively and access the support that helps you feel better. Consider conducting regular mental health evaluations to monitor your progress and pinpoint actions you can take to feel your mentally healthiest. The insights gained can nurture open conversations that facilitate positive change.

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