The Beginning

The History Of Unmasked Culture Foundation

The formation of Unmasked Culture started in 2019 after the founder, Mikel Stull, had a personal battle dealing with his own mental health illness. There were many times throughout this experience that he felt like giving up and not pushing through, but he was able to persevere and push through, and because of that experience he set out to help those who find themselves dealing with their own mental health circumstances. On top of his own personal first-hand experience with mental health, he then faced it again, but from a different perspective. He witnessed his adopted brother fight the same demons he once fought. Unfortunately, his brother lost this battle in March 2020 and since then the founder made it his personal life mission to relate to people and give them the resources to seek the appropriate and necessary help needed. Unmasked Culture Foundation is a 501c3 Nonprofit that was officially filed on 5/26/2020. The foundation creates and distributes resources informing people about mental health with the intentions of spreading awareness through various mediums and formats.

WHY We Do What We Do

Our Cause

Our mission at Unmasked Culture Foundation (UMCF) is to shed light on daily struggles through multimedia platforms and facilitate a community that embodies vulnerability and authenticity. We’re here to spread the word that whatever you are going through and whatever life circumstances you find yourself in, you are not alone!

Real People

Not Just Statistics

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of Americans suffer from a mental illness
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will suffer from major depression or bipolar
The average age that mental illnesses become apparent
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of Americans live with untreated mental illnesses
Who We Are

our Amazing team

Our team is filled with people who are not only deeply passionate about mental health but have experienced it either firsthand or second hand and are driven to help people. Our love of people motivates us to do everything we do with unconditional love, diligence, and excellence.

Marry Hopkins


John Smith

Managing Partner

Sam Roberts