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The Institute for Aesthetic Advocacy

The Institute for Aesthetic Advocacy (IAA) is a Twin Cities-based artist collective that uses art as a medium for activism and change. Their mission is to catalyze civic engagement, investigate scientific, technological, and medical controversies, and curate under-served community voices by translating complex issues into easy-to-understand formats.


IAA partners with the following organizations:

– Anti Defamation League
– Institute for Digital Humanity
– Native Youth Arts Collective
– Safety Not Surveillance
– Reclaim the Block
– Guns Down. Love Up.
– Urban Educators
– Protect Minnesota
– Second Chance Coalition
– North Suburban Center for the Arts
– Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives
– Ohio State
– Portland State
– Georgia State
– North Central University
– Pittsburg University Prison Writing Project
– Minneapolis CCM Steve Fletcher


Using their patented and peer-reviewed curatorial, artistic, and community outreach strategies, the IAA has achieved unprecedented victories with committed volunteers and invaluable partners. Despite limited resources and the challenges posed by COVID-19 and the unrest following the killing of George Floyd, the IAA has accomplished considerable success in advancing their mission.


The IAA exhibits and peer-reviews their work in the following galleries and forums:

– Intangible

The Unmasked Culture Foundation is proud to partner with The Institute for Aesthetic Advocacy in promoting digital rights as civil rights and advancing algorithmic racial justice.

Click here to inquire about booking Unmasked Culture for your event.

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